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Courses with the Alberta School of Business

Although these courses are offered by the Faculty of Business, some of them are available for interdisciplinary students.

BUS 201

Introduction to Canadian Business

Provides students with an introduction to the Canadian business environment, including the influence of global and other macroeconomic factors on Canadian business.

SEM 407

Effective Team Management

Course topics will include: effective team communication, team building, leadership and social influence, decision making processes in teams, conflict management, motivating and teams, virtual teams, and group processes.

SEM 431

New Venture Creation and Organization

Topics include the entrepreneurial process, opportunity recognition, business planning, mobilizing resources and organization creation.

SEM 441

Strategy and Innovation

This course examines top management decisions and emphasizes the development of business and corporate strategy.

SEM 445

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship

The course focuses on key concepts in the field of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise, including organizational learning, sustainability, philanthropy, commercialization, and profit and nonprofit development.

SEM 530

The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation

The class will explore the notion that creativity and innovation can be applied across many spheres of life - including in academic research, nonprofits, government, big companies, and small start-ups.

SEM 600

From Science to Business: Translational and Entrepreneurial Challenges

Based on their projects, students will be expected to produce technology commercialization plans as a key output for the course. In addition, the course will address key strategic and policy issues related to enhancing technology entrepreneurship at the science-business interface.

SEM 601

Innovation and Sustainability: The Cleantech Revolution

In this course, we will begin with an examination renewable energy industries (solar, water, wind, etc.) and clean technologies focused on waste and recycling.

SEM 603

Managing Innovation

This course is intended to provide participants with an overview of the management structures, processes and roles for successfully managing and participating in the management of innovation activities.

SEM 635

Managing International Enterprises

Students will be put in the role of practicing top managers who are facing challenges, making decisions, and providing leadership in complex, multicultural contexts. Topics may include: entry decisions; aligning strategy, structure, and process; globalization; international strategic alliances; and sustainability.

SEM 659

Technology Strategy and Innovation

The overall aim of this course is to develop a high-level understanding of the dynamics of technological change, the sources and distribution of innovation and how companies and society benefit from highly-innovative organizations.

SEM 860

Management of Technology/Innovation

Understanding basic science and technology; integrating new technology into operations; managing research and development.

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