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"Our proposal is to provide outpatient monitoring through a wearable device. This device can be used to store vital information from the patient when admission is not possible or necessary. We hope that this device can be used in remote/isolated locations where there is a lack of medical care available as well as when patients cannot afford to stay at hospitals for additional monitoring. With this device, medical professionals would be able to monitor patient symptoms remotely. We are currently focused on creating a wearable device for stroke detection for vulnerable patients. In the current market, biosensors are very popular and are often built into consumer-friendly devices like smartphones and smartwatches; however, there is not currently any outpatient system in place, where health care practitioners can monitor outpatient individuals by accessing a diagnostic database, which alerts them of any abnormalities."

Faro Gardens

"Faro Gardens aims to tackle many of the existing issues with modern agricultural practices. We utilize hydroponic technology to grow produce in optimized indoor environments. These indoor environments will allow us to grow crops year-round in urban areas, providing consumers with access to fresher, safer, and better-tasting produce."

Future Creators

"Future Creators is a non-profit organization that inspires future engineers and technology innovators by providing them with free resources, knowledge, and mentorship to build their own technology projects."


"Our project, the InstaSerum cancer kit, aims to solve the current wait time problem for cancer diagnostics. Our product would enable users to conduct their own cancer diagnosis in the comfort of their own home."

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