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Courses with Engineering at Alberta

Although these courses are offered by the Faculty of Engineering, some of them are available for interdisciplinary students.

ENGG 260

Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Engineers

Introduction to theories of innovation, creative problem-solving, market research, business planning, and product development, with an emphasis on products requiring engineering design, with team-based project to develop a product concept and business plan.

ENG M 310

Engineering Economy

The application of the fundamentals of economics to engineering alternatives in planning, developing and managing industrial projects.

ENG M 401

Financial Management for Engineers

The application of the fundamentals of engineering economics, financial analysis and market assessment to engineering alternatives in the planning, development and ongoing management of industrial enterprises.

ENG M 402

Project Management for Engineers

Topics include project management, innovation and entrepreneurship, business planning, marketing, and mobilizing human and financial resources. These will be applied in the development of a business plan for a business concept.

ENG M 620

Engineering Economic Analysis

Advanced topics in engineering economics, including operating and capital budgets, financial statement use by engineering managers, replacement analysis, cost of capital and leasing, risk-based financial decision-making for technology investment using real options valuation.

ENG M 665

Introduction to Intellectual Property and New Technology Commercialization

Key topics include intellectual property, product development, valuation of technology, capturing value, and securing the deal.

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