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Guide our Teams


Involvement Opportunities
at ICE 

Image by NEXT Academy
Image by Charles Deluvio
Mentor a Cohort Team

Set Office Hours as an Advisor

Lead a Workshop


Become a Mentor


A mentor is someone who meets with a team on a regular basis to provide them with subject matter expertise and strategic counsel.


  • 1-4 hours a week

  • 1 Year Term Length (Flexible)

Engage as an Advisor


An advisor is someone who teams can consult with for advice and / or feedback on topics within their field of expertise.

Advisors are open to being engaged by founders and teams through focused touchpoints or emails with a set of questions.


  • 2-4 hours a month

  • 6 Year Term Length (Flexible)

Interested in becoming involved with ICE? Reach out to—we would love to connect with you.  
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